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Village Vet - Toorak & South Yarra Image
Village Vet - Toorak & South Yarra Image
Village Vet - Toorak & South Yarra Image

Village Vet - Toorak & South Yarra

397 Toorak Rd
South Yarra VIC 3141
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At Village Vet, our philosophy is pretty simple. We strive to provide the very best in patient care. However, at all times we are sensitive to the wishes of you, our client. We believe that this involves providing you with all of the options available for your pet.

About Us

We at Village Vet have always prided ourselves on personal care and attention to our clients, as well as our patients. We enjoy our work and value the patronage of our clients - as well as the antics of their furry friends.

We aim to set the standard for quality in veterinary healthcare, by providing you and your pets with outstanding service. Our animal companions are an integral part of our families and our work. We do everything possible to assure the best opportunity for our patients' health and a long life.

Our Hours of Operation

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8am - 6:30pm

Saturday 9am - 2pm

Sunday Closed

Consulting Hours

Monday to Friday 9am - 12pm & 3pm - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 1pm

Sunday Closed

Our Services

Our healthcare team can assist you with education, advice and care to ensure your pet has the happiest and healthiest life possible. We provide a full range of medical facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of dogs and cats as well as birds and other small pets. In order to keep informed on current therapies and procedures our veterinary staff and nursing team regularly attend relevant seminars and education programs.
Our hospital is equipped to perform most types of surgery with modern anaesthetic machines, respiratory monitors and more. Our surgical area is completely sterile and we use the safest and modern anaesthetics very similiar to an operating theatre in a human hospital. Our veterinarians perform a vast range of operations such as desexing, exploratory surgery, caesarians, tumor and lump removals, wound stitches, intestinal obstructions, and more.
There are various reasons why our patients are hospitalised including treatment recovery from illness, treatment, pre operative care and more. We have hospital cages for cats and dogs as well as isolation areas. Our hospital cages are supplied with fresh bedding that is made from a special material that stays warm, dry and fluffy!
When your four-legged furry friend lunges for a big hug, does the smell of their breath knock you flat on your back? If this is true it's time for a dental checkup. A dental check up may highlight the need for cleaning, polishing, tooth extraction or even just a change in diet. Remember, your pet will look and function better and also live longer with healthy teeth and gums.
Surgical desexing involves removal of part of the reproductive system of pets whilst under a general anaesthetic.
Vaccinations, parasite control and health checkups play an important role in the long term wellness of our patients. Dogs should be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Kennel cough. Whilst cats need to be vaccinated against Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus (Cat Flu), Chlamydia, Feline Infectious Enteritis and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). A thorough health check is undertaken at the time of your pet's annual vaccination.
Our nurses are trained animal health advisors. If you require pet care advice without wishing to see a Veterinarian, please feel free to ask one of our nurses.
We are able to perform various pathology tests such as blood tests. For more detailed testing we engage the services of a specialist laboratory.
Do you want to own a healthy, well behaved dog? Has your puppy received his/her latest vaccinations? Then why not speak to us about puppy pre-school to learn some important facts about brining up your new canine friend.
Microchips help avoid the heartache of losing your best friend. A microchip contains a code that is linked to a national registry. This means if your pet is ever lost, the microchip can be scanned and your contact details accessed from the National Registry. We have the scanning technology to be able to easily identify your pet if they are brought to our practice. Each year we successfully reunite many lost pets with their owners with microchip technology. Ask us for more information about this.