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Oxford Compounding

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73 Angove St
North Perth WA 6006
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Oxford Compounding, now in its new location, is one of the most experienced and comprehensive compounding centres in Australia. It is one of a select type of pharmacy still providing customised pharmaceuticals that can only be made available through pharmaceutical compounding.

Our pharmacists have been recognised for over 30 years for their compounding expertise. We work in collaboration with prescribers and their patients to provide the very best therapy options and outcomes. We are committed to the development and delivery of the finest compounded formulations to enhance the health and well-being of our customers.

Oxford Compounding Welcome

Hormone Therapy for Women

Research - References - Estrogens| Progesterone - Androgens

Dr. Kent Holtorf is a leading authority in the field of hormone replacement therapy and is also a board examiner for the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine (ABAAM). Dr. Holtorf talked to Sunday Magazine about HRT on February 15, 2009.

Click here to read Dr. Holtorf's article about the benefits of customised Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Oxford Compounding Hormone Therapy for Women

Hormone Therapy for Men

Testosterone - Goals and Therapy - Supporting Literature

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency affect approximately 1 in 200 men and may include: -

  • weakness
  • fatigue
  • reduced libido
  • osteoporosis

This condition is commonly referred to as 'Andropause' and less often as 'Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male' (ADAM).

A man may be considered hypogonadal at any age if total testosterone is less than 200 ng/dl, or bioavailable testosterone is less than 60 ng/dl. Basaria and Dobs of Johns Hopkins University recommend that elderly men with symptoms of hypogonadism and a total testosterone level < 300 ng/dl should be started on hormone replacement.

Oxford Compounding Hormone Therapy for Men

About Us

We have a laboratory equipped with the most advanced and comprehensive range of equipment, devices and chemicals to enable us to customise medication to suit any individual need.

Our focus is providing the best possible treatments available to patients and health care providers who are looking for ways to optimise therapy.

The entire staff of pharmacists and technicians under the direction of the pharmacist principal, Antony Accordino, has extensive training and expertise in extemporaneous compounding. Staff members update their knowledge by attending seminars and medical conferences across Australia, learning about the latest research and technology.

Oxford Compounding About Us

Our Pharmacists

Our pharmacists also are recognised for their expertise in biologically identical hormone replacement therapy and other alternative therapies. All of the pharmacists are available to consult with both health care providers and patients. We can help you choose the right drug, route of administration, and dosage.

Oxford Compounding Our Pharmacists