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33 Rushdale St
Knoxfield VIC 3180
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Supplying a comprehensive range of compressed air equipment and industrial pipework

Air Energy offer a complete turn-key package of premium quality products both under our own Maxair brand and from other internationally recognised manufacturers.

Blue Pipe? Air Energy offer maxair, the leading specialist compressed air pipe that meets AS 4130/4131 giving a minimum 50 year design life.

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Maxair utilises PE100, a product of advanced materials technology which outperforms other pipes for pressure, flow, corrosion resistance, compatibility with compressor oils & ease of installation and alteration. Complementing this outstanding development in clean robust pipework is a comprehensive range of quality components to help you select the best solution for your individual requirements.

This range is a result of research and experience within a broad cross section of industrial applications. Compressed gasses have inherent dangers, so an uncompromising standard of quality, conservative pressure ratings and the highest safety factors of any polymer piping system as set out in Australian Standards is now available.

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Europress is the new way to install 316L Stainless Steel pipework using pressfittings. Much faster than traditional tig welding and no naked flames, hot work permits or gas bottles etc. Europress have the added feature of Press Check Sleeves for extra integrity when installing Stainless Steel Pressfittings.

The distinctive blue Press Check Sleeves indicates if each joint has been pressed, to give peace of mind that no joints have been left uncompleted. The Europress range is the ideal solution for installing Stainless Steel pipework.

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Compressed Air Systems

Compressed Air Systems have many components which all need to be sized and selected to deliver the Compressed Air you need in the most efficient way.

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