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Dent Doctor Image
Dent Doctor Image

Dent Doctor

Brisbane QLD 4000

What does dent doctor do?

Dent Doctor specializes in Paintless dent repairs, this includes hail damage, minor dents, annoying shopping trolley dents, door dings and slight creases, these can be removed expertly by our trained technicians at a fraction of the cost of a conventional repairer.

When it comes to keeping the original finish to your vehicle Paintless dent repairs is the answer as there is no expensive panel beating, no sanding or fillers, no color matching and is 100% environmentally friendly.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the skill of removing minor dents, door dings and hail damage without the use of fillers or paints. Dent Doctors specialised tools are used to gently push behind the panel where the dent is located, massaging the metal back to its original finish.

Dents can be gently massaged out without a trace of any repairs leaving your vehicle with its factory finish at a fraction of the cost of a conventional repairer.

Hail Damage

Paintless dent removal is not only accepted by all major insurance companies throughout Australia it is encouraged when dealing with hail damage. DENT DOCTOR has been repairing hail damaged vehicles for insurance companies and

private clients since its establishment in 1990, we have also been a selected repairer for RACQ insurance company for 8 years.

Our hail damage repair team consists of qualified technicians that specialize in hail damage, traveling to effected areas to work throughout Queensland whether being a car dealership, insurance company or private customer and minimizing the cost as well as the repair time to your vehicles as opposed to going to a conventional repairer where the repair time may be weeks.

The dent doctor network means full back-up

It's not easy to run your own business. The market place is competitive, and you've got to be good, if you're going to prosper. You need a competitive advantage. The Dent Doctor system gives you the edge. As a Dent Doctor you won't be left out there with no back-up. Dent Doctor training and support will be with you at all times.

Take the next step if you think the Dent Doctor System is the sort of business you're looking for and you tike the idea of working for yourself and being part of a successful team contact us today.