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Benara Nurseries

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32 Safari Pl
Carabooda WA 6033
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Benara Nurseries


Since 1963 Benara Nurseries has been providing Australia with high quality, affordable wholesale plants.

As a family owned and operated horticultural business we pride ourselves on being plant specialists and understanding the needs of our clients, our excellent customer service and professional support.

With 220 acres of containerised plant stock to choose from, Benara Nurseries is equipped to fulfil all your greenstock requirements.

Dedicated to the highest standards of horticulture, we utilise the very latest advances and innovations in plant growth.

Benara Nurseries About

Seedling Division

We are considered to be one of the most modern & automated seedling nurseries in Australia, using soil pasteurisation, germination chambers, roller benches, robotic planting machines & boom watering facilities.

We produce a diversified range of high quality annual & vegetable seedlings including;

UN Flowers - Fairy Flowers, Fairy Flower Elite & United Nurseries Elite including Impatiens,

Pansy's, Petunia's and more.

UN Vegies - Fairy Vegies(80cell Tray), Garden Fresh (64cell Tray), Garden Fresh Advanced (MAXI POTS),including Tomatoes, Chilli, Eggplant and more.

UN Strawberries - MAXI POTS

Diggers - (64cell Tray), Betroot, Rainbow Chard and more.

Benara Nurseries is a United Nurseries licensed grower.

Benara Nurseries Seedling Division

Contract Growing


Organise your planting up to 12 months in advance by placing a contract growing or forward order with us.

Our helpful Landscaping Sales Team: Amy Hossack and Nick Lekias will guide you through the availability, growing parameters and times.

We can cater for all your planting needs: re-forestation seedlings, annuals, trees, shrubs, evergreen trees, climbers, shade plants and a range of succulents.

Our sales team offer personal service with regular reports on reserved stock for development projects.

Benara Nurseries Contract Growing

Online Plant Catalogue

Benara Nurseries Online Plant Catalogue

Online Seedling Catalogue

Benara Nurseries Online Seedling Catalogue